Remote Working Tips

How to make the most out of working from home

Remote work is booming now more than ever as people practice social distancing. Here are some ways to improve your remote work experience.

Set up remote telephone access

Having remote access to your company telephones keeps you from having to use your own phone to make business calls. Remote access allows you to make and answer calls using your business’ phone number.

Schedule meetings far in advance

This gives people the time to clear a part of their schedule to attend the meeting and boost overall meeting attendance.

Establish an agenda for every meeting

For every remote meeting, establish an agenda so employees know what to expect. This also helps the meeting stay on track.

Create a “virtual water cooler”

To recreate the experience of being at a water cooler, set up a virtual location where employees can chat casually and de-stress. This can bring some normalcy back into your workflow.

Use Microsoft Teams

Teams, Microsoft’s virtual workspace, allows for video/audio communication, file sharing, screen sharing, and more. Yottability is offering calls through Teams for clients who have a PBX plan.

For more help on improving your remote working experience, contact your Yottability representative.

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