New Features in Windows 11

              Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system (OS), was officially released on October 5, 2021. The rollout of the OS will occur on a rolling basis. New computers with Windows 11 automatically installed are now available for sale. Existing PCs will receive the OS update between October 2021 and mid-2022. The new OS should feel noticeable faster than Windows 10 due to a variety of optimizations and performance improvements. In addition to backend improvements, Windows 11 includes many new features that will affect the interface and how you use your PC. Several of these key new features are described below.


  1. Snap Layouts – Windows 11 comes with several predefined layouts that will enable you to organize your screen to view and utilize multiple windows/applications at once. No longer will you need to drag and fit two side-by-side windows on your screen, Windows 11 simplifies the process.
  2. Multiple/Virtual Desktops – Microsoft’s new OS enables the use of multiple desktops to better organize your screen and applications. Users are now able to create a second desktop window, and to open up different applications and windows in the second desktop. This will assist in your organization when using many applications or while working on multiple projects.
  3. Design – Windows 11 includes significant updates and improvements to visual design, as compared to Windows 10. The visuals of the OS are more modern, with sharper colors, better spacing, and updated iconography.
  4. Secondary Displays/Monitors – Windows 11 better integrates with external monitors. The OS is able to remember how your windows are arranged between the PC and the monitor. When your computer is reconnected to the monitor, your windows will automatically arrange themselves in the same way they were when the monitor was disconnected.


  1. Microsoft Teams – Teams is automatically integrated into Windows 11. The application is saved to the taskbar for easy access. Further, the Teams chat function is also integrated in the taskbar for easy replying without needing to open the app.
  2. Microsoft App Store – Windows 11 brings with it a new and improved Microsoft Store. Users are now able to more easily download applications, as well as media content and games.
  3. Android Apps – An upcoming feature that will be rolled out soon is the ability to use Android apps from the Amazon Appstore directly on your computer. More information is set to be released about this feature, but full integration is expected.


  1. Windows 11 includes a variety of features that are designed to help your productivity. These features include (i) Focus Mode in which you are able to set task and timings for yourself, (ii) Improved widget offerings and integrations, and (iii) Increased clarity on battery and usage information.
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