Cyber Security

Protect and Secure Your Data: When it comes to IT Security, every user has a role to play! Make sure you have the tools needed to stay on top of today’s targeted threats.

Firewall Maintenance and support
A vital component to cybersecurity is a firewall, which is a computer’s first line of defense. A firewall is a network device that blocks certain kinds of network traffic and prevents the spread of computer attacks. Firewalls establish a barrier between devices and outside threats.
• Maintenance and Monitoring
• Patch Updates
• Packet Monitoring
• Log Reporting
• Subsciption Setup and Analysis

“Anti” Software
Certain applications keep computers safe such as “Anti” software. Viruses/Malware/Adware/Ransomware are the most common causes of computer failures, often resulting in damaged systems, corrupted and/or encrypted files. “Anti” software protects computers by preventing and/or destroying these threats. It is imperative to have “Anti” software on your computer to ensure best practice is being performed.
• Centrally Manage Devices and Users
• Live Monitoring of Potential Threats
• Global Settings and Policies for Users, Devices, and/or Groups
• Protection for Desktops / Servers / Laptops with Web Control features