Cyber Attacks Increase During COVID-19 Crisis

Cyber attacks and cyber threats have been on the rise as more and more people are working remotely during the coronavirus crisis, according to CNBC.

Many meetings and gatherings have moved to Zoom video calls, which have now been susceptible to attacks called “ZoomBombing.” These attacks hijack the screensharing feature to play graphic videos.

TechCrunch recommends the following safety measures to protect your Zoom calls:

  • Disable “Join Before Host” so only you have control of the call.
  • Disable “File Transfer” to prevent viruses.
  • Disable “Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin” to keep booted attendees out of the call.

Cybersecurity is important now more than ever. Businesses need to be protected from security breeches, and a good cybersecurity system provides a strong line of defense and works to prevent and take down cyber attacks.

Yottability is here to help protect and secure your data from cyber threats.

We provide firewall maintenance and support to block certain network traffic and prevent the spread of computer attacks. We also provide “anti” software, which prevents and destroys viruses and malware.