Creating an Artificial Intelligence Strategy For Your Business

To garner success, businesses must develop artificial intelligence plans. Regardless of how you feel about the robot uprising, AI is here to stay.

Pew Research Center reported that most Americans believe “robots and computers will do much of the work currently done by humans”. This shift, an increase in workplace automation, reflects the impact AI has–and will continue to have–on our lives. While some Americans view AI as a threat, others see it as an opportunity to improve businesses.

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Automation has existed since the industrial revolution, but AI has taken workplace automation to another level.

It is imperative for every business to implement an AI strategy, according to a Forbes articleby business influencer Bernard Marr. He explains that even companies outside of the tech industry need an AI strategy because “AI is ultimately going to transform every business”.

Marr describes the two main improvements AI can bring to a company:

  1. Products and services: We have seen AI make its way into everyday products, from music speakers to vehicles. Businesses are using these “smart” products to make the workplace more modern and efficient.
  2. Business processes: AI can be used to help businesses run more quickly and efficiently. This includes AI features like predictive maintenance, natural language processing, and data analysis.
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Businesses can also make use of virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Microsoft’s Cortana. IBM has released their own platform that is supposed to be a more expansive AI tool, called Watson.

Creating the right AI strategy for your business depends on your industry and business model. Once you are clear about how you want to use AI, you can form and eventually implement your strategy. To help you outline your AI plan, Marr created a template.

Overall, AI is changing business. Every industry will be affected by machine learning, and companies must adapt to this change to avoid losing jobs to machines.

“Computers are going to take over from humans, no question.” Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple

Originally posted on LinkedIn