5 Cyber Security Tips

Protecting your devices from cyber threats doesn’t always have to involve a complete tech overhaul. Simple changes can make a big difference.

1. Make strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts.

This task is actually easier than it seems if you have a system for creating passwords, like this Forbes article explains. You could also try using a password manager to keep track of all your passwords.

2. Learn to recognize and avoid email scams.

The easiest way to prevent phishing attacks is to double-check the spelling of sender addresses and URLs in any emails you receive. Also pay attention to the email’s content. Does the offer/inquiry/request seem too good to be true? It probably is!

3. Be safe with your social media accounts.

Monitor them for activity that seems suspicious. Any evidence of posts/messages/etc you didn’t create is likely a sign you’ve been hacked. Also, be careful to not share too much personal information. Hackers could get access to much more than your basic info depending on what you post.

4. Delete the recordings on your digital assistants.

Enjoy using digital assistants but want to keep your information private? Deleting the recordings made by devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This ensures that your data stays yours.

5. Make sure to do your “sensitive browsing” on secure devices and connections.

Sensitive browsing includes activities such as banking, shopping, or filling out confidential documents. Do these on devices you own and on locked WiFi networks to prevent third parties from getting access to your information.

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